An MIT staff member writes, "A pioneer in the McCarthy era, Lucian Pye becomes the first comparative scholars of Asian history and politics. Pye advised three U.S. Presidents, the Department of State and the National Security Council on foreign policy matters.

"Pye shows that MIT is not just science, but policy, political science, economics, and international affairs as well! Pye is also another "MIT first," and a prominent foreign policy expert to several U.S. Presidents."

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  • Pye was a trailblazer and an inspirational scholar.

    Ace Crowe

    9 Aug 10 at 12:40 pm

  • In the Spring of 1988 I had the pleasure and honor of studying with professor Pye at MIT. I took his course on Political Culture, a branch of Political Science that he himself had founded. His relation with Mao, that he described in class, his many interviews with him, and his deep knowledge of Chinese and Asian cultures gave me a completely new and thorough understanding of Mao Zedong, and of Asian Powers and Politics. Lucian was certainly a great scientist, an inspirational professor, a humanist, and a political adviser, but most of all Lucian was always a friend that ever kept his students in the first place of his talented mind.

    Agustin Fallas-Santana, SM '92 PhD '00

    8 Sep 10 at 1:38 am