An MIT staff member writes, "In 1908, MIT graduates the first Chinese students from MIT.

1. MIT has been a global university since its founding.

2. China is a rising power in the world, but MIT and China are very old friends.

3. MIT's ingenuity has been disseminated throughout the world. Many of the early international scholars that MIT educated went on to build major railroads, critical infrastructures, global enterprises, and even founded new universities.

Historical background:

The first Chinese students, members of the "Chinese 100," came to MIT in 1876. They were part of a special delegation sent by the Chinese government and studied mathematics, mining engineering, chemistry, and mechanical engineering at the Institute. They did not graduate because they were recalled to China to pursue military service.

The Alumni Association or the MIT Archives have yearbook pictures of the students and other notable Chinese graduates."

More information:

China's First Hundred

Yung Wing: My Life in China and America (he organized the educational comissions that brought the students to MIT):

More Yung Wing info

Photo: Ching Yu Wen '08 in 1921

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