An alumnus of the class of 1990 writes, "The MIT Assassins' guild is a Live-Action roleplaying society that runs several real-time, real-space roleplaying games every semester.

"For nearly 30 years the Assassins' Guild has been a fixture on the MIT campus. Starting from very humble beginnings the Guild has put on games for as many as 120 people running for 10 full days. The Guild is a pioneer in the world of Live Action Role-Playing (LARPs) and many of the leaders of that field were either members, or associated with the Guild.

"Games are intense endeavors that typically take a team of 4-6 writers a year to prepare any typically involve thousands of pages of written material. I know of at least two thesis projects based on game writing or modeling of behavior. Several companies were founded by graduates from the Guild to continue producing games outside of the MIT campus. Many of the graduates who have gone on to careers in the computer gaming industry got their starts by designing games for the guild.

"The Guild exists because MIT exists, and how MIT treats it's students. There are few, if any, other universities that would allow the wonderful freedom and trust afforded our students to let such an effort to exist and thrive.

"Whether you loved them or hated them, were a member or an outsider, the Assassins' Guild and games have been a part of MIT for 3 decades."

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  • As a former Grandmaster, I have a special place in my heart for the Guild. I haven’t played a game in years, but still keep up with those who do, and think I may come out of retirement someday. The Guild is a great example of what happens when intelligent, creative, driven people look for a way to have fun.

    Andrew Twyman

    30 Dec 09 at 10:54 pm

  • To Err is Human, to Forgive is not our policy. :-)


    Bill O'Neill

    31 Dec 09 at 9:14 pm