An alumnus of the class of 1968 writes, "Baker House residents make snow indoors! As The Boston Herald Traveller said: "In the second floor shower rooms at Baker House, they threw the windows wide open and turned the hot showers on full blast. From the showers poured a thick plume of steam. From the open windows came a below-zero icy blast. The experiment was designed to determine what happens when one meets the other." We had great fun, including a snow ball fight, and one guy cross-country skiing in the shower room - but in reality it was a lot of work carrying all that snow inside!

"We managed to convince a major newspaper to run a page 1 story on this (the story even included a formula!). They put it on the AP wire and it was picked up by newspapers, radio, and even TV stations around the country. Shows the power of the MIT name and the ingenuity of our students."
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  • Steve Hellinger ’71 came and found me and said You have to see this. The result was a very minor role in the success of this hack. When the 1.6 M or so news photographer came through the fire doors, accompanied by some hacker types as it appeared, the large “trash cans” of snow were still visible down by the lounge. I stood directly in the photog;s path until the snow guys cleared out, and then stepped aside welcomingly. ‘Mission accomplished”

    Wells Eddleman '71

    24 May 10 at 2:10 pm

  • I remember it was the sixth floor shower room. I am in the photo. Also my father was being interviewed by Walter Cronkite on CBS news on Passamaquaddy Tidal Power project the day after the snow job. In my father info it said he had a son at MIT. CBS had published the hoax as real. When my father got home, he said Walter Cronkite asked him: 1) did he have a son at MIT: 2) does he live in Baker House! (Which I did.)

    Steve Leslie

    6 Dec 10 at 10:07 pm