An alumnus of the class of 1963 writes, "I nominate something that no longer exists, that could not have existed in its original state for more than a few months if left alone, but which was destroyed by "the authorities" as a safety hazard within days of its creation: the 4-story icicle from Baker House room 419 +/- 2 in the winter of 1960 (or '61?). It was reported at the time in the Boston Globe."
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  • Baker was also known for the Snow Hack. Steve Hellinger called me to the 2 West to see what was going on. Hackers had piled fresh snow into the shower room and opened the window, claiming “Steam + Icy Air = Snow” > I played a very minor role in this by spotting Mr 5 by 5 Newspaper photographer coming through the fire doors to take the pictures later sent by wire service all over everywhere. Blocking his view, I signaled to the hackers still bringing in 4 foot trash containers of snow to disappear. Hack executved successfully, I think it was the Herald Traveler that fell for it, not the Globe, but my memory is vaguer than I recall it once was (maybe).

    Wells Eddleman '71

    17 May 10 at 8:57 am