An MIT staff member writes, "Boston Pops conductor Keith Lockhart donned the conductor's jacket for Tech Night at Pops 1998. Developed by doctoral candidate Teresa Marrin Nakra, the jacket contained a web of sensors to record abstract art as well as Lockhart's heart rate, respiration, muscle tension and skin conductivity.

"Media Lab graduate student Jocelyn Riseberg developed a real-time graphical display of Lockhart's physiological read-outs on a large screen above the orchestra, creating an abstract artwork that moves, changes, and grows as the readings fluctuate.

"By combining empirical quantitative data to physical response and evocative abstract artwork, this project proved that music affects not only the ears, but the entire body and being."

Photo by Rich Fletcher -- The Tech

Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops rehearse for 1998 Tech Night at the Pops.

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  • I thought this was one of the most impressive projects I’ve seen in my twenty-five years at MIT.

    Rosalind W. Picard

    17 Jun 09 at 10:18 pm

  • Thank you to whoever nominated this. When I found out that this had been nominated, I was so honored, to me this is like being nominated for an Oscar and just being nominated in the company of these others is honor enough. My years at the MIT Media Lab were among the best in my life and I will remember them forever.