An alumna of the class of 1987 writes, "From 1983-1987 the nerd path was a straight line across Kresge Oval (I think this is what this patch of green was called -near the chapel) that was the shortest path from the dorms/Baker House to the crosswalk in front of Lobby 7. One Spring during my years at MIT the nerd path was planted with flowers. I wonder if it is still there...

"Well, the nerd path represents the essence of science, math, and engineering. It is an "optimal solution". But, it is an ugly solution (a scar on the lawn), and this created a tension in me (a nerd) to do what was beautiful or to do what was optimal. A problem often faced by engineers!"
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  • I am led to believe that the flowers by the path were primroses. Can anyone confirm or deny?

    Steven Viavant

    14 Jun 10 at 8:48 pm