The wife of an alumnus of the class of 1955 nominates the F&T Diner in Kendall Square, also known among students as the "Red Death Diner."
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  • Maybe the food got better by the time I frequented the place. This was *the* place to eat in Kendall Square (unless you wanted to go upscale and go to Legal Seafoods), and to start a company, back in the 80′s. Not sure how many of those were successful. Mine (started with a couple of other E10 people) fizzled along for a few years… anyone remember the C-Sharp Realtime Toolkit?

    Allan Doyle

    4 May 09 at 6:21 pm

  • Several of us went there in our robes on graduation day in 1981. I had fried eggs on top of corned beef hash. It was delicious.

    Bill Flarsheim

    4 Nov 09 at 12:39 am

  • I used to go to the F&T all the time with my boyfriend (now my husband). The staff started referring to us as “the lovebirds.” So of course my memories of the diner are very warm. I was so sad when I heard that it had closed.

    The food was pretty good in those days (though not a patch on real NY deli). It was heavily frequented by faculty and students from Course 17 (Political Science, for those of you who can no longer remember all the numbers), since it was near the building.

    Janice M. Eisen '85

    20 Nov 10 at 11:22 am