A member of the Cardinal and Gray society nominates Lan Jen Chu, who was on the staff of the Radiation Laboratory from 1942-1946 and a faculty member in Electrical Engineering from 1947-1973.
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  • I used Prof Chu’s books while a graduate students interested in electromagnetic theories, microwaves.

    It was not until years later, my mother told me she used to date Dr Chu
    and confirmed later that he and my father were college classmates.

    Because of his exceptional ability to reduce complicated formulas and theories into practice. He has an unusual engineering insight to work on practical antennas.

    Sam Shueh

    16 Feb 10 at 12:36 am

  • He was also instrumental to start the Chiao Tung University campus in Hsinchu
    The current president who learned much from Prof Chu how to do research and solve practical problems. Chiao Tung is the training ground for most semiconductor and bioengineering industry today in Taiwan.

    His former roommate at MIT Dr Tsung C Chang returned to China and taught a their alma mater for 50 years. He highly spoke of Dr Lan Jen Chu in Communist China & was jailed in classroom for a year for his connection with the US during the turbulent cultural revolution days. I think if someone is right he needs to make his point.

    Sam Shueh

    16 Feb 10 at 12:42 am