A student from the class of 2012 writes, "He has been the mastermind of considerable amount of the hacks done in MIT's long history. "Without him, who would tell the freshman all the hacking ethics, legends, and lore? Who would show them all the nooks and crannies of MIT? Who would keep the hacking tradition alive for so many years without him?" (Photo credit: Photo cropped and reduced from image on Wikipedia. Thanks to Joseph Orso for pointing it out.)
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  • There is no picture of Jack Florey, because the name was made up by someone circa 1959 to mislead the Campus Police, or so I heard in 1960.

    For a picture, you might consider the one in the 1963 (?) yearbook of the Johnny-on-the-Spot Portable Rented Toilets door chained to the statue of the seated John Harvard. This hack was purportedly the work of Jack Florey. There is a touch of irony, I think, using an image of John Harvard to illustrate Jack Florey.

    Kirby Smith

    30 Nov 09 at 1:53 pm

  • If you do a Google Image search for “Roof and Tunnel Hacking” the top four results are for the Jack Florey’s Old No. 5 East Roof & Tunnel Hackers. It is the key image from Wikipedia’s entry on “Roof and tunnel hacking.” Obviously placed there by Jack himself.

    Joseph Orso

    1 Dec 09 at 10:36 pm

  • The Johnny-on-the-Spot photo would be in the Spring 1961 yearbook. It was the initiation project of the class of Floreyites who entered in the fall of 1960 (Hi, Kirby!) and the photo was taken by one of them. a yearbook photographer whose name I’ve forgotten, alas, but who hacked so hard his freshman year that he flunked out and went to LSU.
    That year saw the establishment of “Florey’s Own Grenadiers.” an elite force of water-balloon shock troops that received its trial by fire on East Campus Day (remember that?).
    By the way, if you can spare a vote, keep VooDoo in mind, won’t you?


    6 Dec 09 at 3:43 pm

  • I believe the Johnny-on the Spot hack was in the spring of 1959. I can recall being a spotter along with Richard B. Anderson, whom I only knew my freshman year.

    Bruce Butterfield

    8 Dec 09 at 2:27 pm

  • Wow – seeing some folks I haven’t seen for almost 50 years!

    Hi Guys. Check out Jack’s facebook page

    Rich Langer

    8 Dec 09 at 6:54 pm

  • Somewhere around here I’ve got an original print of the Johnny on the (S)Pot photo, along w/ some other Jack Florey memorabilia, including his Dean Fassett room asignment and JF’s original, officially stamped and sealed birth certificate. Thinking of donating all this stuff to the MIT Museum, if they’d take proper care of such treasures.

    Rick Hoffman

    13 Dec 09 at 10:57 am

  • Bruce Butterfield, as I live and breathe!
    Bruce, the Harvard Yard hack had to be the fall of 1960, my freshmen year. I think we’d been at MIT about three weeks.
    / John


    16 Dec 09 at 1:22 pm