An alumnus nominates this underground campus newspaper, whose 1977 series of "Guide to Men at MIT" articles provided a public-relations headache for President Wiesner and the Committee on Discipline.

An alumnus of the class of 1980 adds the following from Wikipedia: ""In 1977, two female students, juniors Susan Gilbert and Roxanne Ritchie, were disciplined for publishing an article on April 28 of that year in the "alternative" MIT campus weekly Thursday. Entitled "Consumer Guide to MIT Men," the article was a sex survey of 36 men the two claimed to have had sex with, and the men were rated according to their performance. Gilbert and Ritchie had intended to turn the tables on the rating systems and facebooks men use for women, but their article led not only to disciplinary action against them but also to a protest petition signed by 200 students, as well as condemnation by President Jerome B. Wiesner, who published a fierce criticism of the article.""

Additional references from the Tech and the Crimson.

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  • Where can we see the articles that caused all the trouble?


    26 Jul 09 at 12:16 am

  • The articles aren’t digitized, but you can find copies of the “Men of MIT” article and materials relating to the ensuing controversy in the research collection at the MIT Museum. The entire run of Thursday is also available on paper or microfilm at the Institute Archives.


    28 Jul 09 at 11:24 am

  • Any idea what has become of the Susan Gilbert and Roxanne Ritchie in the years since their “journalistic” debut back in’77 ?

    Michael S Goodman

    26 Jan 10 at 8:18 am

  • You can see the article that caused all the hubbub over at The Smoking Gun:


    19 Oct 10 at 6:07 pm