This black metal sculpture by Louise Nevelson was installed outside East Campus in 1975. It came to campus through the Percent-For-Art program, in which 1% of the budget of major construction projects is marked for public art. Students, particularly the residents of East Campus, have expressed their opinions of the sculpture through a variety of hacks over the years. In this photo, a set of dorm-room furniture is just visible on the top plane of the right-hand structure.
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  • The thing that was most relevant to the East Campus hacks against Transparent Horizins is that the east side of the sculpture comes to a point about groin high. Students used to play frisbee and football in between the two East Campus dorm buildings. I wonder if the medical department will admit to any groin injuries?

    Students used to paint the sculture other colors. The ‘tute would paint it black quickly. I wonder how many years it took before the hacks stopped?

    David Slesinger

    24 Mar 09 at 10:28 am