A phrase often uttered by students, with a variety of interpretations; the modern equivalent to the turn-of-the-century sentiment "Tech Is Hell".  The T-shirt in this image celebrates both the phrase and the Big Screw award and related hack.

A student in the class of 2011 adds, "every single MIT student can relate, even those silly humanities kids. Everyone experiences at least one moment in their MIT career where they seriously hate MIT and want to see it burn to the ground (a side benefit of this would be warmth in the terrible Boston weather). But we also know that we will really miss this place once we graduate and we even take pride in the fact that our brass rats have ihtfp and that not many other schools can say that their students hate life as much as we do... yes we are all masochists."

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  • One of my roommates, who will be referred to here as “Batman” for privacy, knew the person who invented IHTFP in the 1950s. I had added the “Institute Function” ih(bar)tF(p) but can’t claim to be the first to think of that form.
    Batman is a wonderful person and has an entire Bat family… don’t know where the IHTFP originator is.

    Wells Eddleman '71

    24 May 10 at 2:54 pm

  • Wow! The class of 2011 certainly blathers on pompously. I guess the place has changed.

    Beverly Seavey

    10 Aug 10 at 7:28 pm