Beginning in spring 2009, students, faculty members, alumni, staff and other interested parties could nominate their favorite pieces of Institute history here on this website. In fall 2009, after several hundred objects and ideas were nominated, we held an open vote, which allowed all visitors to the website to vote for their favorite nominated objects. Voting concluded on January 1, 2010. The results helped us winnow out 150 especially compelling and significant MIT objects for the Exhibition.

You can still see the original MIT 150 Nominations where thousands of you helped us select what would go into this exhibition. We’ve preserved the original 2010 logo and web page style. Note that when you’re in the pages with the original logo, functions such as search and RSS pertain strictly to the nominations site. When you’re in pages with the MIT 150 Exhibition logo, those functions pertain to the exhibition site.

2010 MIT 150 Nominations logo