Dibner Prize

Greetings to our colleagues from the Dibner Prize Committee of the Society for the History of Technology.  For members of the committee who cannot make it to Cambridge, we have posted a series of snapshots taken in the three galleries that comprise the exhibition.

The main gallery features 126 objects in the Thomas Peterson ’57 gallery at the MIT Museum.  On the main main MIT Campus, the Margaret Compton gallery features 19 objects and the Maihaugen gallery features 5 rare documents from the Institute Archives collections.  The pdf shows the Peterson Gallery floor plan.  The numbers on that document correspond to the object numbers in the URL for that particular object.  (eg: http://museum.mit.edu/150/28 corresponds to Object #28 on the pdf).   The object labels as well as additional information can be found on the website.  We incorporate QR codes into each label in the gallery which take visitors directly to this object webpage.

Please contact the curator, Deborah Douglas, ddouglas@mit.edu if you have particular questions.  Thanks!