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Glass is created by volcanoes, lightning, meteoric impacts, factory workers, artisans, and scientists. It is ancient and new, familiar and strange—and endlessly fascinating. (A Google search yields more than 1.5 billion URLs for “glass”!) We look at it, through it, and with it. Everyone knows it; no one fully understands it. The MIT Glass Lab combines all these dimensions as students, faculty, and artists collaborate on projects that engage their minds and hands in using and exploring this ubiquitous and mysterious material. A liquid as hard as rock, a solid that flows, a telescope lens, a building block, a windshield, an oboe, a pumpkin—no wonder the Glass Lab courses have the longest waiting lists of any at MIT. The four objects featured in the exhibition blend science, technology, and art in fascinating ways, and they represent their makers’ passions as well as those of MIT.

Glass Oboe
Kaitlyn Becker

Whitney Cornforth

MIT “Murrine” Pumpkin
Peter Houk and Mike Tarkanian

Grid Reflection
Chris Moore

photo: Michael Cardinali for MIT Museum

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  • This object was voted MOST CREATIVE in the MIT Museum Yearbook Awards on December 9, 2011!

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