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Music Synthesizer

After World War II, many MIT students, as well as the rest of the MIT community, became fascinated with hi-fi (high fidelity) technology. They designed, constructed, and endlessly tweaked all the components associated with home audio systems. But students also were captivated by the new electronic music makers, especially after Robert Moog introduced the first commercially available synthesizer in the 1960s. Many MIT students studying analog electronics chose to build a synthesizer or Theremin. Lawrence Stabile (SB 1975), built his analog synthesizer (later converted to a digital synthesizer) in the early 1970s. Another famous instrument on campus is MIT Media Lab Professor Joe Paradiso’s modular synthesizer, dubbed
“Keyboard of the Month” by Keyboard Magazine in December 1996. Stabile, Paradiso, and their counterparts combined their passion for engineering and the arts in a distinct MIT manner.

Music Synthesizer
Lawrence Stabile

photo: Michael Cardinali for MIT Museum

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