Image of LeWitt's <i>Bars of Color within Squares</i> LeWitt's Bars of Color within Squares
Bars of Color within Squares

An important work of art commands our attention, captivates us, stimulates reflection, and helps us see more than the artwork itself. Here and elsewhere, Sol LeWitt’s pieces project that expanding and lasting impact. His stunning mural surrounding MIT’s Building 6C on the first-floor level is a provocative paradox. It is public art in a space that the Boston Globe called “hidden away like a secret.” Some visitors come to MIT just to see it, while others unexpectedly come across it and are astonished. We are taught that fine artwork is a treasure to appreciate, not touch. Yet, this is a floor that we walk on. The space is neither locked nor guarded; it welcomes all. Openness, startling discovery, mind-altering innovations in design, and the use of materials—these elements are the essence of MIT.

Color Bands, Linocut
Sol LeWitt

Bars of Color within Squares
Sol LeWitt
Located in the Green Center, Building 6C, first floor
Commissioned with MIT Percent-for-Art Funds for the Physics, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and Spectroscopy Lab Infrastructure Project

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