Image of MIT $100K Competition MIT $100K Competition
MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition, 2010 Winner’s Check and Trophy, 1989–Present

Every year at MIT, each successive graduating class produces more entrepreneurs who start their first companies sooner. No less than 12 percent of those graduating from the MIT Sloan School of Management in 2010 already were forming companies. The most public face of the Institute’s entrepreneurial culture is the $100K Entrepreneurship Competition that include 3 unique contests.  The most famous, the Business Plan Competition, is a student-run yearlong educational experience that encourages students and researchers to commercialize their ideas and talents.  The winner of the Business Plan Contest receives a $100,000 prize. Started in 1989 as the $10K Competition, the event has helped to launch more than 130 companies that have generated over 2,500 jobs and received $770 million in venture capital funding. The 2010 top prizewinner, C-Crete Technologies, aims to change radically how the world makes cement.

On loan from the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition.

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