Image of MIT Sloan Fellows MIT Sloan Fellows
MIT Sloan Fellows, 1938–Present

In 1930, Alfred P. Sloan, Jr., was worried that his engineers at General Motors knew nothing about management. A year later, a new yearlong “Sponsored Fellowships Program” for mid-career management stars from companies and organizations around the world debuted. With sponsorship from Sloan, the program known as the MIT Sloan Fellowship Program for Executive Development began in 1938.

Vice Admiral (ret.) Vivien Crea, USCG, arrived at MIT in 1991. She was already a star in the military: one of the first two women aviators in the Coast Guard and the first female military presidential aide. There are many distinguished Sloan Fellows, but Crea is the only one to have carried the nuclear football. Military Challenge Coins such as these are presented during certain milestone ceremonies in an individual’s career. Although she did not receive a coin, for Crea, completion of her Sloan Fellowship year was an especially important milestone vital to the success of her career.

On loan from Vivien Crea.

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