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MIT Field Day Competition trophies and ribbons, 1904-1968

MIT Field Day Competition Trophies


In 1900, the first-year and second-year classes began one of MIT’s most beloved athletic traditions. Field Day was a day of competition—from relay races and football games to a tug-of-war and a bizarre event called the “Glove Fight.” That free-for-all had everyone scrambling to get the glove worn by the designated class member. One program pointed out to observers that the “winner” of the Glove Fight was anyone who left with his pants on. Throughout the day, points were awarded for successive victories, and the class with the most points earned a trophy and bragging rights. Athletics began on an ad-hoc basis in the 19th century, with students running (and funding!) all activities. In 1904, the Institute established the MIT Athletic Association to coordinate both recreational and competitive sports. Today, despite its nerdy reputation, MIT has one of the broadest athletic programs in the world, with 33 varsity sports and numerous intramural and club teams.

The trophies on display include the 1920 class trophy for track events, the 1928 class trophy for wrestling events, and the Field Day class champion trophy for 1909–1918.

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  • i have come across two tropy’s from 1904. one is from ottawa and the other from renfrew, both are for the 100 yard race.the last name is lindburg or limburg on me if interested in them, thanks

    tim o'connor
    5 Jun 11 at 7:26 pm