Image of <i>The Tech</i>, MIT's student newspaper The Tech, MIT's student newspaper
The Tech, MIT's student newspaper, 1881–Present

As befits the oldest newspaper at MIT, The Tech also was the first newspaper to publish online. A massive scanning and OCR project has made nearly the entire archives from 1881 to the present searchable online. Many alumni, including MIT President James R. Killian, Jr., and Arthur D. Little, began their careers of leadership as editors of The Tech. Financially independent from MIT, The Tech is supported by advertising and donations. It reports on news of campus, local, and international interest, giving a unique perspective on current events. The Tech archives form the most comprehensive documentation of MIT student life for the past 130 years. Other student publications include newsletters and newspapers, literary journals, humor and satire magazines, and research journals, as well as a multitude of formal and informal electronic publications.

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