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Tech Show, Tyde's Crossinge, 1955

Tyde’s Crossinge, Album


From 1899 to 1969, the Tech Show was a major campus dramatic production often written by students. Vaudeville skits and operettas gradually evolved into original musical comedies staged at Boston theaters. During the Great Depression, the shows were downsized and ultimately suspended. After World War II, students held a referendum with 90 percent of the voting in favor of a revival. The 1955 Tyde’s Crossinge was the first Tech Show performed in the new Kresge Auditorium. The production had its high (and low!) moments; but like all of the shows in this postwar period, MIT audiences responded to the exceptional wit and inside humor. Today, the Tech Show provides unique insight into student culture. Tyde’s Crossinge, for example, focused on issues such as sex and alcohol, while later productions took on the Cold War, gender, and race. Although students no longer compose original musicals, the performing arts are still a vital part of MIT life.

On loan from John Hsia.

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