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Ideas at the Cutting Edge

The Institute Archives and Special Collections hold an estimated 115,000 to 120,000 theses produced by MIT students since the first class graduated in 1868. Combined, they represent one of the Institute’s most important legacies: the enduring commitment to the advancement and diffusion of knowledge for the benefit of the world. Online or in the reading rooms of the Institute Archives and the MIT Libraries, you can read them all. On display was a small selection that showcased the diversity of work. As determined readers would inevitably discover, some in this group highlight discoveries that anticipated developments in their fields by decades. Some feature a breakthrough discovery immediately adopted by industry. Others reveal ideas or agendas that inspired the authors to transform communities and nations. On the pages of these volumes or any MIT thesis, you will discover the frontiers of knowledge and the excitement of studying and teaching at MIT.

MIT Theses

photo: courtesy MIT Institute Archives

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