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OpenCourseWare, 2000—Present

When President Charles Vest unveiled MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) in 2001, the outside reaction was surprise: MIT would give away all its course materials online? But the novel idea built directly on core values: the Institute would continue to focus its own teaching on face-to-face instruction, while acting as a leader in providing accessible learning resources worldwide for non-commercial use and modification at no charge. Launched in 2002, the OCW website was an immediate global hit. Today, virtually all MIT courses may be found on OCW, many of them translated into multiple languages. Nearly 200 million people have visited the website. Physics, calculus, electrical engineering, programming in Java are among the most visited courses on the OCW website. For many years one of the biggest hits was the MIT introductory physics class 8.001 which featured many innovative classroom demonstrations, including energy conservation that involved the professor riding this pendulum ball.

Artifact loaned to the MIT Museum by the Technical Services Group of the MIT Physics Department.

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