Image of <i>MIT Science Reporter</i> MIT Science Reporter
MIT Science Reporter, MIT and WGBH Boston, 1950s–1960s

In the early days of Boston public broadcasting, MIT was a main supporter of WGBH, whose Channel 2 television effort began in space rented from the Institute near the current Stratton Student Center. MIT and WGBH jointly produced MIT Science Reporter, a pioneering effort to ask scientists and engineers to explain their work to a general audience on television. The program, hosted by deep-voiced MIT science reporter John Fitch (’52), offered lengthy but easily understood interviews that represented a broad range of subjects.  Shot with very few takes, the programs required intensive planning. Candid correspondence between WGBH and MIT indicates that some of the “talent” (aka the faculty) were more adept than others at giving a good interview. The goal was to increase public understanding of science and technology not only through broadcasts of the program, but also through a special lending library that made 16mm film copies available to schools and libraries across the nation.

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  • MIT Science Reporter was and is an excellent approach to popular science.
    I love to see these videos, and hope the entire archive is eventually digitalized and up for the world to see.

    Jacob Haven
    18 Jul 11 at 1:16 am
  • Eventually we find a route to thank MIT for their 1960-70′s TV programmes (rebroadcast on UK TV), in association with Annenberg support,on WGBH Boston TV. We greatly enjoyed that series and regret that we find little to equal it these days on local TV. (The BBC seems to be moving towards low attention span entertainment as the priority in all its programmes.) Perhaps we shall find something now as we look further into the content of this newly found MIT website.
    Alan and Anne Harding

    Alan Harding
    6 Jul 13 at 7:10 am