Image of MIT Nuclear Research Reactor MIT Nuclear Research Reactor
MITR II, MIT Laboratory for Nuclear Science, 1958–Present

The beginning of nuclear science and engineering research at MIT dates back to World War II and involves numerous departments. After the war, MIT recruited faculty who had been involved in atomic energy projects in order to foster education and research in the field. In 1951, Manson Benedict, a key member of the Manhattan Project, was hired to become MIT’s first professor of nuclear engineering. In 1958, MIT created a new Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering led by Benedict through 1971.

The MIT Nuclear Reactor Laboratory is an interdepartmental research center that operates a 5 MW reactor in support of MIT’s educational and research missions. The reactor began 24/7 research and teaching service to MIT in July of 1958. MITR–II is equipped with many experimental facilities. Service to the outside community includes research in nuclear medicine, environmental trace element analysis, operational safety for commercial reactors, and neutron transmutation doping of silicon for high-energy applications.

On loan from the MIT Nuclear Reactor Laboratory. Jack Moeller built the interactive model.

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