Image of Edgerton's High-Speed Motion Pictures Edgerton's High-Speed Motion Pictures
High-Speed Motion Pictures, Harold E. Edgerton, 1936, 1965

Like a many-faceted Fresnel lens shining light wherever it turns, Harold E. (Doc) Edgerton illuminated every corner of MIT and the world. Explorer, teacher, artist, storyteller, entrepreneur, mentor, inventor, and more, he showed us unseen worlds beneath the seas, in the skies, and in the world around us. He created fields, industries, and new ways of seeing and imagining. By enhancing our power to perceive, he created new paths to understanding and to beneficial practical results. For him, science, engineering, problem solving, art, and human values were all an interconnected web, not separate domains. His flashes of light were equaled by his flashes of insight, and he has given us a more effective and more beautiful world. Gentle and modest, he did not seek the spotlight. He simply did his work, shared his passions, and caused the world to sparkle and glow.

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